WHAT About Social Justice in the NBA with DeVon Pouncey

WHAT About Social Justice in the NBA with DeVon Pouncey

DeVon Pouncey, host of the Wake Up And Win podcast, took a break from his very busy life to check in with Tara. They talked about how he's getting ready to call football games this fall, how the Blazer's off season played out and what the NBA and its players are doing to carry on the long-time legacy of social justice in the league.
00:20 Catching up with DeVon Pouncey
5:15 Preparing to call Pacific University football games this fall and Pacific University and PSU basketball this winter
8:45 Perspective on the Blazer's off season
12:00 Damian Lillard, shaking things up in Portland this summer
15:00 How might the new coach influence the Blazers' basketball identity?
20:30 Other teams have not been scared to play the Blazers. They did not look grittier than the Nuggets in the playoffs.
22:00 What should Blazers fans be most excited about? Lillard's IG post saying he's back.
25:30 Lillard wedding
29:00 NBA and Social Justice - where are they now?
32:30 What came out of the turning point of the strike in the bubble? National Basketball Social Justice Coalition and NBA Foundation
40:30 Policy making: let the players lead. Some of the NBA governors have the ear of high end policy makers, but are those policy makers interested in the change that players are asking for?
48:00 The benefits of players taking control of their own narrative.
51:00 Stay tuned-in to what players are doing and saying.

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