S3 | Ep 13 Straight from The Makeup Show - The Holiday Pop Up Shop with James Vincent, Nick Lujan, Angelique Velez and more!
Look Behind The Look · 65 minutes ·

S3 | Ep 13 Straight from The Makeup Show - The Holiday Pop Up Shop with James Vincent, Nick Lujan, Angelique Velez and more!

This episode was recorded from The Makeup Show’s, Holiday Makeup Shop which is an annual event that makeup artists love to attend.  I talked to the Creative Directors of some of your favorite brands so take a look below to see the breakdown of the guests and listen for what is new from your favorite companies. Enjoy! HUGE thank you to Shelly Taggar, everyone’s favorite I-Don’t-Know-How-She-Does-It makeup champion and The Makeup Show Queen.More about The Makeup Show here: https://www.themakeupshow.com/

***apologies in advance for the background noise - the place was hoppin’! And if you can tolerate my high-pitched enthusiasm, I’ll know you are in-fact a True Fan!

0:00 James Vincent

Makeup Artist James Vincent is the Director of Education and Artistry for The Makeup Show and The Powder Group.

More about James: linktr.ee/JamesVincentMakeup

James' LBTL Interview: https://www.lookbehindthelook.com/s2e23

4:55 Angelique Velez

Angelique is the Founder of Breakups To Makeup and the Host of Hey Glowfriend and creator of The Coming In Clutch Club.

We also get to Be A King- her SON’S brainchild which was created by his suggestion when he was 5 years old!

Angelique's LBTL Ep here: https://www.lookbehindthelook.com/s1e13

More here: withkoji.com/@theangeliquetechnique

8:45 Nick Lujan

Nick is a makeup artist, and the Director of Artistry and Education at Kevyn Aucoin Beauty. 

More about Nick: https://linktr.ee/NickLujan_Artistry

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty: https://kevynaucoinbeauty.com/pages/about-kevyn-aucoin-beauty

Kevyn Aucoin here: https://amzn.to/3Yn7uPY

16:07 - Terry Mcdonald

Terry  talks to me about T. Mcdonald Cosmetics and the inspiration behind her brand.

More about T Mcdonald: https://www.tmcdonaldcosmetics.com/

19:51 - Jake Aebly

Jake is the Director of Education and Outreach for Alcone.

More about Jake: http://makeupbyjake.com/

More about Alcone and their Pro Program: https://alconemakeup.com/pages/pro

40:41 - Belinda Salazar Belinda is a makeup artist and educator. We talk about the company B3’s products including the Beauty Wand. 

More about B3 :https://b3balm.com/?p=HyieIpkNO/

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