How Anyone Can Become Technically Savy Online
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How Anyone Can Become Technically Savy Online

About Kristen and Affinity By Day: 

My name is Kristen Day. I am a digital marketing and online business strategist, specializing in web design, social media strategy, and data analytics. I’m passionate about working with and educating driven entrepreneurs to create a holistic, effective, and profitable process they actually want to use.

I was able to secure a remote position as a data analyst for an ad agency. This job educated me on the internal strategy behind digital marketing, but it also showed me something else…the MAJOR gaps in the online service industry with regards to providing business owners a holistic, effective, and profitable digital process they can actually understand AND use.

I watched over and over again as my employer onboarded new clients into a multi-year contract, promise them amazing results, build them a website, ran ads on Facebook and other platforms, and then… little to no real results. Worse than that, the client didn’t own the rights to anything. If they wanted to take their business elsewhere, they lost all of their digital assets. Even if they could get the website into their name, they had no idea how to use it.

Having personally had the experience of trudging through learning the skills and seeing the prevalence of the people we are meant to serve being taken advantage of relentlessly, I strive to not only provide holistic service but also to educate entrepreneurs about their digital landscape.

I want you to know that there is a version of your business online that is not overwhelming, not scary, and not overly frustrating. There is a world where that piece of that business is manageable, profitable, and understandable.

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