How a Financial Planner Can Help You
Money Mastermind Show · 48 minutes ·

How a Financial Planner Can Help You

Are you stuck about what to do with your money? Are you unsure of where to go next? A financial planner might be able to help. 

There's a reason that even financial professionals look to others for an outside opinion. A good financial planner can help you see new things about your finances, and make a plan for the future. Katie Brewer from Your Richest Life joins us to talk about the importance of a fresh set of eyes when it comes to your finance future.

Important issues discussed in this episode:

  • How do you know you need a financial planner?
  • The benefits of getting another opinion from a professional.
  • Different types of services offered by a financial planner.
  • How to find the right financial planner for your situation.

Panelists In This Episode:

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