Red Bull (Part 2) - SuperMax and Trusty Sidekick
Choosing Sides: F1 · 34 minutes ·

Red Bull (Part 2) - SuperMax and Trusty Sidekick

We're back with the second episode in our Red Bull two-parter, and it's time to talk drivers. On one side of the garage is reigning World Drivers' Champion Max Verstappen, a young racing prodigy known to never back down from a fight — sometimes to his own detriment. On the other side is Sergio "Checo" Perez, a veteran driver who's consistency and reliability initially earned him a spot on one of the grid's fastest teams. The Red Bull team functions with a clear number-one and number-two driver setup. How has it fared for them with this duo?

Special thanks to our guests: Jennie Gow, and Aldas Kavaliauskas.
This episode was produced by Lily Herman and Senior Producer Yochai Maital. Sound Design by Yochai Maital. Mastering by Sela Waisblum. Recording at The Cutting Room Studios by Rob O'Leary II. At SI Studios, Max Miller is Executive Producer and Brannan Goetschius is Head of Audio. At iHeartRadio, Sean Titone is Executive Producer.

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