"Finding" the Bottom: Time In The Market Is More Important Than Timing It

"Finding" the Bottom: Time In The Market Is More Important Than Timing It

"With chaos, comes opportunities."

What we often hear from clients and prospective clients in times of market downturn is something along the lines of, "Should I still stay invested? Or should I wait until things smooth out and re-enter later?

While we certainly understand the sentiment behind wanting to get out when things are going poorly, the statistics tell a different story, especially when it comes to the proximity of the best and worst days. As Syl Michelin, CFA, alludes to in the episode – the quote featured above – some of the best days come during periods of higher volatility like we're in now. Syl is joined by Walkner Condon co-founder Clint Walkner, as well as Keith Poniewaz – a member of our team of U.S. expat financial advisors – to go deeper into the conversation of time in the market vs. timing the market. While we've dedicated some materials to this subject recently, we wanted to have a more in-depth conversation on the subject in light of how 2022 has unfolded in the markets, at least so far. 

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