It seems like it'd be an obvious answer to the main question posed by the title of this podcast. But the truth is, we hear a number of different reasons when it comes to prospective clients describing why they're seeking out a financial advisor. For some, it's simply because a family member has one, and so it feels like the right path to follow. Some turn to an advisor after a large life event. And there are others who simply want the peace of mind of having a guiding hand when it comes to something as important as finances. 

In this episode, Nate, one of the founding partners of Walkner Condon, and Mitch, a Certified Financial Planner, discuss three common overarching reasons for hiring a financial advisor. And while it's never an ideal situation to have to terminate your financial advisor, Nate and Mitch also cover the three thematic red flags that should alert you to a potential need for a new one. 

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