In The Flesh (Down-to-Earth Mediumship and Spirituality)

You're seeking spirit, as a developing professional medium, or with your own deceased loved ones. Neither path is easy when we've been culturally taught to doubt or fear the presence of spirit, and dismiss ourselves as spiritual beings.

Join me, Rebecca Richardson, a spiritual medium in the U.K., as I share my teachings and philosophy about mediumship and spirit, grounded in first hand experience and developed from a considered, analytical vantage point, (as opposed to the nonsensical, unquestioned and unhelpful myths that are often touted). I’ve had a knowing and awareness of the spirit world for as long as I can remember, I'm educated in transpersonal psychology and counselling plus, I've first hand experience of significant bereavement.

Lectures are monthly and delivered from the heart, supporting both the developing professional medium, and those who are bereaved and want to continue their relationships with departed loved ones (a practice I’ve developed and coined ‘Everyday Mediumship’). I share in a down-to-earth, non-fantastical way, because that’s me — I’m a mum with limited time and resources. I don’t talk about love and light, I’m not into crystals, or drinking moonlit infused tea. This is real honest mediumship and down-to-earth spirituality, in the flesh.
In The Flesh (Down-to-Earth Mediumship and Spirituality)

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