Is It Too Late To Save Our Marriage?

You married a good man. He loves you. He's committed to you. He treats you well. You fully and sincerely appreciate who he is and what he does for you and for the family. The problem is, he does not meet some of your most important, God-given needs. Has infidelity entered your home? Has the trust between you too been broken? Eighty-five percent of all husbands are intimacy-challenged. Your conversations are brief, safe, and superficial. He does not reveal what he's really thinking and feeling inside. When he does it’s when you’re laying down open to him revealing and allowing him to release within you and you accept it because it’s the only time you will hear the truth. He believes your marriage is great. He's perfectly happy...and the intimate, romantic, emotional part of you is dying a slow death. Working together, the two of you can create an intimate, explosive, and powerful marriage. Are you happy or is it time to say goodbye? In Before……..You Say Goodbye, Relationship Coach Jenkins will show you the steps that you as the wife can implement with or without your husband's cooperation and begin to experience the kind of marriage you've always wanted or make the decision with no regrets that you both might need to move on. Either way after reading this book and applying it’s exercises and steps you will be 100% sure that the direction you are going is the right one.
Is It Too Late To Save Our Marriage?

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