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Soaked in moonshine and forged from gold, American Anodyne is a band melded in the furnace of Appalachia. These truly southern gentlemen are creating a brand of Americana reminiscent of ‘70’s outlaw country while embracing the sentiments of modern times.

American Anodyne’s music convey tales of small town life and portrays the hardship of living in the ‘new depression’. With songs depicting a lust for the open road, heartbreaks, and handguns their no-holds-barred style of portraying life in the south is honest and authentic. Their first EP “So, you want to be a bullfighter…” was released in April of 2011 and features the tracks “Call My Brother” and “Bastard Sons of the New Depression.”

The concept of American Anodyne was created about 4am on the night of January 9th, 2010 under cold, clear skies in the sleepy town of Dahlonega, Georgia. Erick Jones and Chris Thacker had been doing some drinking, some picking, and some talking about the idea of putting a band together for quite a while, but on that faithful night the two decided that they would definitely create a musical entity, make a record, and hit the road in the spring.

The very next morning Thacker received a call to go on tour for the better part of 2010, but all things happen for a reason.

Erick kept writing, kept performing, and kept honing the body of work that has become the foundation for American Anodyne. He and Thacker kept in contact during the duration of Thacker’s tour schedule, with Erick sending him song ideas and musical concepts, and continued their dialogue about a future project. “I had all these songs that I needed to bounce off someone and Thacker has always been an objective critic, an honest critic, and we’ve always had a great working repoire”, said Jones. Upon Thacker’s return from the road in the fall of 2010 he and Jones reconvened and began work in earnest to produce the sound that is American Anodyne.

Enter Kevin Rainwater. Kevin returned from Asheville, North Carolina in the fall of 2010 and fell right in with Erick and Thacker. “We were on the hunt for a drummer, and had auditioned a couple people, but none of them had the feel we were looking for,” said Thacker, who had played with Rainwater for six years in the band Big City Sunrise. “Rainwater has a way of carrying the vibe that very few drummers have. He pushes the music over the top when it needs to be pushed, and he brings it down when the song needs to breathe.” With three-quarters of a band in place rehearsals started to happen on a semi-regular basis and the concept was beginning to evolve into a genuine sound. “We were all excited about the direction we were headed in. It was thoughtful, a little tongue-in-cheek, and somewhat rowdy. It’s definitely a reflection of us; rough and tumble with a big ol’ heart pinned on our sleeve,” said Rainwater.

January 10th, of 2011 American Anodyne headed to WizKid Sound in Atlanta with longtime friend Mike O’Connor to record their debut EP “So, you want to be a bullfighter…”. Almost a year to the day after postponing their project, Erick, Thacker, and Rainwater were headed to the studio to make a record. “We were all really excited but I’d be lying if I said we weren’t a little scared. We had templates of songs, a few ideas, a couple of months of rehearsal, and no bass player,” says Thacker, “We were all curious to see what would happen and knew we had to make a leap of faith and get these songs tracked.”

There is nothing better in the world than a good friend and American Anodyne had an abundance of help from their friends in the Atlanta music community to create “So, you want to be a bullfighter…” “We borrowed amps, microphones, and guitars from all over town. We used drums from two or three different bands all piled together to make a kind of Frankenstein drum kit,” say Rainwater. Another longtime friend of the band, Gregg Shapiro (bass player for Sonia Leigh), came to the studio to lend his talents to the EP. “We didn’t have a bass player and I’d played shows with Gregg over the years. He’s always at the top of the list when you talk about great bass players,” said Thacker, “I called him up and asked if he could help us out. I might have pleaded actually,” laughs Thacker, “He showed up with a few hours to spare before a gig and killed it. I’ve witness people work efficiently in the studio but never anything like this. It took him maybe two hours to lay down the bass tracks without ever hearing the songs. He’s as good as they get.” After seven days of tracking, mixing, and mastering “So, you want to be a bullfighter…” was a finished product. It’s an honest record of pure emotion, first takes, and late nights that really captures the pureness of making music with friends.

The next move for American Anodyne was to start playing shows, but they needed a bass player. Thacker had a late night conversation with Chris Unck (Butch Walker and The Black Widows) while in Los Angles and he suggested asking Justin Minchew to join the band. Minchew, Thacker and Rainwater had played several shows backing Unck as ‘The Black Roses’ in the past and it seemed like a natural addition to the American Anodyne line-up. “Justin, aka Warren T-Biscuit, is a great fit for our sound,” says Erick, “He had played with the other guys before, liked the same type of music, brings great ideas to the table, and completely understands the ideas we were going for; he’s the guy we had been looking for and he fits right in.” With a line-up in place, their EP finished, and a hunger to be on stage American Anodyne hit the road.

Presently they are touring the Southeast brandishing their take on outlaw country to festivals, clubs, and the occasional honky-tonk. “We’re all really excited about this project, the new material that we are working on, and we’re looking forward to getting into the studio this fall to record our first full length album,” said Thacker.


Erick Jones (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica), Chris Thacker (Lead Guitar, BGVs), Justin Minchew (Bass), Kevin Rainwater (Drums, Percussion, BGVs)

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