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Bilal Shahid is a British Asian singer/rapper who, at the age of just 18, has lit up the Midland’s underground music scene with his self written and composed music. Bilal grew up in London moving to Northampton at the age of 12. Bilal has always had a raw passion for music, being a huge appreciator of rap and hip-hop; he has also been heavily influenced by the asian music scene already being featured on the BBC Asian network. At the age of 12, Bilal was already writing songs and performing to friends and family as a past-time. A year later, he started posting his music online and received an overwhelming response. Bilals music is unique in the way that all of his songs entail a story backed by life experiences, which doesn’t only make it sound authentic and original, but also something that people can relate to. His music is close to his heart, and is made wherever and whenever he feels. After a host of successful online singles posted online Bilal finally released a brand new single In 2010; Bilal wrote and composed the song Belong to me, featuring chorus vocals by Yemi Pade. The song was unleashed on the internet and had rapid success. The video attracted thousands of views gaining top 20 status on channel aka. Bilals rapid success has caught the attention of many music radio dj’s and artists alike, with his debut mixtape Next in line in early stages of production. He has now released his second video single Can’t live alone and hopes to gain many successes with this. This is just the start of Bilals story, and at just 18; many respectable figures predict huge movements from him in the near future. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.