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“Blake can get to the forefront of Hip-Hop’s new tone due to his powerful presence, material and not to mention his compelling voice which also has the ability to shift swiftly into other characters-expanding into a new horizon from within the underground sound.”

JuJu - The Beatnuts

Over the years, Blake Worrell has developed a unique style which has recently been compared to Hip-Hop with a Frank Zappa touch, and the excitement you’ll feel at his live shows owes to the originality and playfulness he infuses into the music.

Blake prefers spending most of his time in Berlin, although he travels often between his “home away from home” and Los Angeles, which is his home town. This balance of keeping one foot in each continent enriches his inspirations and sparks off his creativity.

“I am mostly here (in Berlin) because it is one of the most peaceful and creative cities in the world.” He explains.

He has been a resident in the German capital for nine years, seven of which he’s been a member of the Electro Hip -Hop group, The Puppetmastaz, playing more than 500 concerts throughout Europe, with nearly half a million fans.

The PuppetMastaz is not the only group he has played with. On several occassions he has been seen alongside Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop (MPM Rec.), Le Peuple de l’Herbe(Discograph), DubFX (U.K.), M.A.P. (Pias Recordings), Da Flexiblez (Berlin Massive),Akanni (Mellowbag), Bleubird (Endemik Music), Subtitle (B.E.A.R. / Briefcase Rockers Ltd.), K-Chico (Festplatten & Rundlauf Musik), ZhiMC (Asian Trouble Tribe), Citizens Intrnational (C.I.T.), Girls United (Berlin) and Jayrope (Berlin).

He has opened shows for well known hip-hop icons like: Jeru the Damaja, Paris, Tha Alkaholiks, Lords Of The Underground, The Beatnuts and also Subtitle, Bleubird, Da Flexiblez and the PuppetMastaz France tour 2009.

He works with with many producers. Like beats from the more classic hip-hop drenched tracks of Mecs-Treem (Berlin), reminiscent of the so-called Golden Era of the 90’s as well as the bass raps on Dub-Step-like pieces from Clintwood (Hamburg). Without any fear of mixing styles, Blake sings with a variety of voices which bring theatrical tones to the music.

“Music built the path I walk today and the journey continues”

-Blake Worrell

Blake it up!