Blue Blood - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

1) Blue Blood is the third project by Jared Solano. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Blue Blood composed of Jared manipulating guitars, accordions, bass, and other instruments he has collected throughout the years. Having taken two years off, he was encouraged to return to music after couple of friends heard two songs he had written and recorded in his house.

2) English melodic rock band, made up of a couple of ex NWOBHM band Trespass,members. (Sutcliffe brothers, Crawte).

This album is well played melodic rock, with a nice use of keys, in a kind of rawer After Hours vein.

The band did release a tougher follow up album, entitled “Universal Language”, albeit under a slightly different name spelling of “Blue Blood”.

Collectors might like to know, this band also have an earlier released ep (“Liqueur n’ Poker”), where guitarist Mark Sutcliffe handle lead vocals.

Band Members : Mark Sutcliffe - guitar, vocals

Paul Sutcliffe - drums, vocals

Phil Kane - lead vocals

Dave Crawte - bass, vocals

Rob Ariss - keyboards, vocals