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Dark Mean jokingly describe their overall evolution as having the "pace of a critically-ill snail." But in June 2008, when Canadian playwright Rebecca Nada-Rajah premiered her production of "The Constant K Determines the Ultimate Fate of the Universe," the play's success gave the eccentric trio of lifelong friends the juice to fuel the completion of a four-song EP under the guidance of producers Glen Marshall and Michael Keire of Vibewrangler Recording Studio in Hamilton, Ontario. The band wrote and performed the play's "soundtrack," and Dark Mean have kept up momentum ever since. Mark Dean, Sandy Johnston and Billy Holmes have been meeting in the middle, literally and figuratively, since the fall of 2006. Countless treks between Hamilton and Toronto — not to mention several treks across the Atlantic ocean — have extended the song writing/recording process all the way into 2009. Yet through this process, the songs were allowed to breathe and it's now apparent the group has created a resonance of its own, extending beyond the traditional boundaries of pop music. The debut EP, Frankencottage, showcases the band’s evolving worldview on the relationship between music, art and cultural expression. Imagine, if you will, an eclectic fusion of progressive, electronic, folk, country, '80s pop, stirred with a bit of urban grit (and perhaps a few Salvador Dali paintings for ambiance). Dark Mean refer to their work as a 'collaborative approach' with no defined roles. "Individual identities are less important to the band members," says Holmes. "It's more about an artistic expression of thought." And it's evident in their second single's video, "Happy Banjo," which is already getting the attention of fans: Monkeys riding bicycles through an American 1950s suburb mesh and dance somewhat perfectly with the upbeat, slightly melancholy original song. Released April 3rd, 2009, Frankencottage establishes Dark Mean's artful, sonic identity. "Our goal now is to get our songs out, play as many shows as we can this summer, and continue to experiment and push ourselves creatively with the music" says Dean. "And we'll finish our second EP at Vibewrangler Studio by the end of the summer." User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.