Darren Jessee - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Darren Jessee (born 8 April 1971, Houston, Texas) was the drummer for the rock group Ben Folds Five. He is currently the head of the increasingly-popular band Hotel Lights, in which he plays guitar and piano, and sings lead vocals.

He is the sole writer of “Sky High”, “Magic,” “Leather Jacket,” and the unreleased “Amelia Bright,” which has recently been released as a Hotel Lights track on the album Firecracker People. In 2011 Ben Folds Five reunited and with Ben Folds’ Retrospective album the 2000 demo of Amelia Bright was finally released to the public. Darren also co-wrote several Ben Folds Five songs, including the ever popular chorus to “Brick”. Other songs Darren co-wrote include; “Song For The Dumped”, “Kate”, “Where’s Summer B.?”, “Mitchell Lane,” “Bad Idea,” and the Ben Folds released song “Wandering”.

There are a few bootlegs of Darren preforming as a solo artist that make up this profile.