Dirty Pollyanna - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Atlanta, United States. (2010 - present)

Dirty Pollyanna is an American rock Band fromed in Georgia. The band has released two albums on iTunes “Dirty Pollyanna” and “Tell Angela” as well as a few B-Tracks on the same web page.

Band members include Angela Wolff, Nico Constantine, Tommy Kafafian, and Bevan Davies. Nico Constantine and Tommy Kafafian recently got off the road with Lady GaGa, lending their support as her backing band for the 2009 world tour. Bevan Davies has played with such acts as Jerry Cantrell and Danzig.

Angela Wolff recently asked to be released from Universal records to pursue her passion, leading the charge of her own band, Dirty Pollyanna. She’s also a former participant of NBC’s reality show, The Voice U.S.