Drained Scorn - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

This project started in the year 2004. Argentina, a latinoamerican country. In one of the most importants provinces of Argentina, C�rdoba, a young man, called Lagash, started to focus more in the creation of intense Industrial sound, leaving the sound of the guitars back. Time ago, Lagash worked with trance, hardstyle, metal, black and death, electro, techno, house, even tropical rhythms, getting focus eventually in which will become Drained Scorn years later. Thats what this project is. A weird mix of styles, giving shape an brutal electronic, industrial and violent sound. But Drained Scorn were not created yet. In June 2006, the project received the name of Drained Scorn, with the arrive of Martin Pr�speri, (ex drum in Sadistic Kill (death-grind) and Goa producer). But then in November 2006 comes Azathoth on� programming. His especiallity is work with Rythmyc Noise and was being prepared by Lagash to complete the formation. Finally Martin Pr�speri, leaves their job in drums and programing to be part of the post-processing of the final tracks. The band worked on his very intense sound to make it better and better.Then on 2007 May, the band stoped his progress and production because of different ocupations. Alter many productions and a great campain, Azathoth leaves the group on July, and Lagash takes again the total responsability of the project. The production is running again and with fresh ideas and a very brutal sentiment prepared to be screamed along the songs. 2007 was a great year for the composing and programming of the album. Several remixes were developed along the same year, including Suicide Solution, Alien Produkt and Deadjump among other very skillful and powerfull projects. Even the label Advoxya Records released the song Reptile Brain in the Pre-Alcoholic Body Syndrome II. In 2008 things were very frustrating due to mastering and mixing issues, resulting a delay in the production of the first official release of Drained Scorn. Many changes were into the album elaboration, and the initial track list was modified adding songs and removing anothers. One of those songs were "Stick It To Your Brain" which was made with the colaboration of Porno Grindcore singer: KBZA who participated with the vocal track giving live to one of the most violent songs ever. But now, on 2009 finally everything is aligned to make the first strike of pure hate at hands of the famous label Advoxya Records with "Release The Hate" on march of this year. Besides that important fact, there's a lot of remixes and colaborations to be done with talented bands such C-lekktor and Sublagrimal. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.