Druid Sisters Tea Party - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

DRUID SISTERS TEA PARTY is an organic world dance band that pulls its flavors from around the world. Exotic twirling gypsy cello, jigging Irish fiddle, tribal-jungle style dance drums, dreamy trance vocals & swirling acoustic guitar. The Druid Sisters Tea Party started with an idea to blend different world musical styles together with tribal grooves with world flavors. Starting from the heartbeat of the world, the drum, Druids drummer mixes a western drum kit but playing tribal style, but then includes hand drums, an Ashiko drum (Pakistan) and a djembe (Africa). These eclectic exotic world rhythms are mixed with World-trance vocals & an Indian Harmonium. Those 3 elements were the basis of the beginning of the Druid Sisters Tea Party from founders Claudia Paige, the drummer/percussionist, and Cyoakha Grace, lead singer/songwriter. The Sisters then wanted to add further World-Fusion and so they added the Tea Party, which includes gypsy-style Russian/Slovak cello, Celtic fiddle and acoustic folk-psychedelic guitar creating a one of a kind eclectic world tribal trance dance band.