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Seamiew Records was a Dutch nu metal record label. The first vand signed to the label and came up with the name, was Dreadlock Pussy. Shortly after that the Belgian band Gazzoleen was signed. After two years of being active in the BeNeLux allied to Zomba Distribution the label signed two new bands: Belgian industrial band Mindstab and the Dutch/German band End Of April. Only after one year the label signed two more bands: the Swedish Transport League and Dutch emo-core band Rapid Notion.
Because of the breakup of Mindstab, End of April and Rapid Notion, Seamiew Records struggled. The label was terminated in 2004. Just after the signing of the English band Tripswitch, of whom no records were released on the label.


In order of signing

  • Dreadlock Pussy (NLD)
  • Gazzoleen (BEL)
  • End of April (NLD)
  • Mindstab (BEL)
  • Transport League (SWE)
  • Rapid Notion (NLD)
  • Tripswitch (GBR)


Dreadlock Pussy

  • Sharp Instead v2 - Next attack (2000)
  • Middles EP (2001)
  • Leaves Of Grass (Single, 2001)
  • Tsumi (2002)
  • T Minus (Single, 2002)
  • Jacob's Ladder (Single, 2002)


  • Like 2 Die (Single, 2001)
  • Tiny Bears (2001)
  • Call It A Day (Single, 2001)
  • Filter (Single, 2002)
  • Tiny Bears The Night Edition (2003)

End of April

  • Divided By Numbers EP (2003)
  • If I Had A Bullet For Everyone... (2004)


  • Black Vise (Single, 2003)
  • Say Anything (2003)

Transport League

  • Boogie From Hell (2013)
  • Disconnect Massconnect (Single) (2003)
  • Multiple Organ Harvest (2003)
  • Satanic Panic (2000)
  • [grand Amputation] (EP) (2003)
  • Superevil (1998)
  • Stallion Showcase (1996)

Rapid Notion

  • Catapult Incisions (2004)


Seamiew Records Sampler 1 (2003)

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