Endre Nordvik - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Endre Nordvik (born March 29, 1993 Holstebro, Denmark) is a Norwegian singer-songwriter from Sotra outside Bergen.

He took part in X - Factor at the age of just 16. In 2010 he was seen on Disney Channel and Camp Rock 2 where he sang «The Final Jam-soundtrack» / «Fire», together with Danish Mohamed Ali & Swedish Ola Svensson. Together with the Norwegian singer Bjørn Johan Murihe works for Disney Channel`s «Friends for Change».

The Norwegian singer/songwriter Samsaya discovered Endre on Youtube and she wrote the song «Oh oh (Puppy love)» together with Jarle Aanestad . Endre entered the second semifinal of Melodi Grand Prix 2011 (the Norwegian preselection for Eurovision Song Contest) on January 22 with the song Oh Oh (Puppy Love).