Eva a Vašek - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Eva a Vašek is extreme folkmetal group formed in Czech Republic with some crossover songs classified as folkrock, gothic, gore grind, brutalcore or simply death metal.

Currently under extreme label Česká muzika.. They are best known for teleshopping appearance.

Eva Ševčíková is Vašek’s mistress - albums Vyznání (Denomination in English), Růže řeknou víc (Blood roses tell more), Lásko má já stůňu (Sick of you) and Každý jednou velkou lásku… (Everyone wanna f***).

With the golden sales of their best album Bílá orchidej (Bílá orchidej - A Black Rose in English - later covered by Therion. They hit the golden sales in duchodcovskej metal category.

In year 2006 they were about to achieve very good result Český slavík competition in but for violating rules they were disqualified (external link in Czech), some said it’s because their perfection.

They recorded more than 20 albums (complete discography - external link in Czech). Most of their CDs can be bought altogether with merchandising (satanic stars, skulls, etc.) on concerts exclusively held in Prague, Czech Republic.

They sold over half a milion (link in Czech) records all over the world (toured with Disharmonia and Bloodgasm)

For their hard work and many tours across Czech Republic, Vašek has became alcohol addict (V hospůdce u Surfů - hospodské (Drunken at Surf pub), V hospůdce u Surfů 2 - Lidové (Best of folkgore), V hospůdce u Surfů 3 - Z rodného kraje (Blood elegies), V hospůdce u Surfů 4 - Písničky Jaromíra) (Jaromír’s orgy), for some they split but after about year they club together again and released another golden hit Sladké hlouposti (Sweet idiocy).

Vašek has also solo satanic album Vaškova kapela

Tags: female vocalists, pagan slutcore, christian rock, porncore, progressive grindcore


[1] Eva a Vašek rulez! (in Czech) - comparison with Aleš Brichta

[2] Wikipedia entry (in Czech)

[3] Documentary about their love live, how is Vašek manipulated in extreme restrictions Warning 18+ - contains strong profanity, graphic sexuality, nudity, strong violence, horror, gore, and strong drug use