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Though they hail from the streets of Dallas, Texas, Fictional Freedom is comprised of individuals who together evoke otherworldly connotations, the imminence of a global collapse, and a longing for justice. The five members of the band formed in early 2010, each with a unique musical background, and all with an unrelenting passion for their musical craft. While their sound has been compared to Rage Against the Machine, Muse, and Marilyn Manson (or some hybrid creature of those combined), Fictional Freedom has a unique and hard-hitting style of American psychedelic rock that rouses the spirits of all are within earshot. Their performance style matches their musical style; energetic, psychedelic, and revolutionary. Featuring psychedelic video art, full costumes, and a live burlesque-style dancer, Fictional Freedom’s live appearances provide an immersive multi-sensory artistic experience, without losing musical excellence, vision, or integrity.