Fractured Fairytales - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

On 4th of July 2006, Fractured Fairytales unleashed their debut album “Murmur”. The bands first release quickly gained them national notoriety in the underground Goth culture due to its ground breaking dark industrial structure punctuated with demonic out lashes associated with the Death Metal scene.

Then in 2009 Fractured Fairytales followed up their debut release with an even darker and heavier album, “Unvale”. This album brought a whole new drive to the band as its contents were more ominous and aggressive than its predecessor. Its release presented Fractured Fairytales with enough momentum to be recognized by larger record labels, be featured on worldwide compilation CDs as well as to participate on national tours with larger acts.

After completing a music video for the hit single “Generation Dead” and releasing the “Unvale” remix album entitled “Revale”, Fractured Fairytales are armed with more media, energy and fans to back them than ever before. They are now lining up the Generation Dead Tour intended for this fall 2011.

Fractured Fairytales acknowledges their devoted fan base as the hordes. Those of a darker nature enjoy and respect the manifestations of Fractured Fairytales as true contributions to the ever growing Goth-industrial culture.