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«Defying and redefining the conventions of electronic music, genCAB presents his explosive, brilliant debut on Hive Records, II transMuter. Flawlessly meshing glass-sharp shards of glitchy industrial aggression with delicate melody and painfully personal vocals, genCAB reconfigures fragments of trance, EBM, and distorted IDM into a whole new genre.

II transMuter is the new evolution of industrial music, a rewired and genetically enhanced archetype that gives a nod towards forbears such as Gridlock, NCC and Haujobb, then fiercely breaks free from all points of reference, spraying a swarm of chest-kicking rhythm and complex electronics in all directions. But this album is also a meshwork of emotions and synthetics, a liquid amalgamation of torn-open human emotion, brutally honest lyrics, and a shrieking heart at the center of it all.

Reconfiguring the tired mechanics and flawed engineering of modern industrial music, II transMuter is a new breed of divergent electronic dance music and an absolutely stunning debut by genCAB.»

Участники: david dutton.


tim van horn: live drums

gus yoo: live atmosphere

Родной: город philadelphia

Студии записи: none. formerly Hive Records (r.i.p.)

О нас: soon you will uncover that the shade of shadows only marks you as another:.

Биография: all production, lyrics, instrumentation written in liqueur as triplicate sixes