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GG Caravan is a Finnish rap and hip-hop group of artists and musicians from various formations., a collective founded as an anti-racism grouping through music, concerts, music videos and public awareness campaigns.

The band particularly highlights the plight of the minority Roma (gypsy) people of Finland and promotes change of attitude towards them and thus the gypsy influence on their music, as GG Caravan mixes various genres including rap, pop, folk music with gypsy music. The variety and diversity of the genres comes from the various influences from member bands and musicians involved.

GG Caravan enjoys the partial financing of the Finnish Ministry of Interior and the European Union Commission.

The band pre-released the single "On se hienoo" in February 2012 in anticipation of the debut album. The single hit the Finnish Singles Top 10 reaching #8. Soon after the debut album of the musical project was launched on 29 February 2012 being the self titled GG Caravan album. It was released on Live Nation Finland label. The album hit #3 on the Finnish Albums Chart on its first week of release.


  • Redrama
  • Paleface (Karri Miettinen)
  • Tommy Lindgren
  • Brandon (Brandon Bauer)
  • Marzi Nyman
  • Zarkus Poussa
  • Bulle (Joni "Big" Bollström)
  • Voli (Jani Tuohimaa)
  • Heikki Soini
  • Vesa Sade

...and other musicians

and in production

  • Tero Roininen
  • Samu Wuori



  • 2012: GG Caravan (Live Nation Finland label) - reached #3 on Finnish Albums Chart


  • 2012: ""On se hienoo" (Live Nation Finland label) - reached #8 on Finnish Singles Chart


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