Greglab - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Greglab is an electronic musician from Dublin, Ireland.

In his press release, Greglab says his basic philosophy is that he “essentially feels empty and only capitalism can help me.” Maybe so, but in his own enigmatic way this Dubliner is a bit of a revolutionary - he’s the first Irish artist to release music on his own MP3 players as well as the conventional CD format.

Still, never mind what way you get to listen to his second album, ‘The Virtually Invisible Landscape of Sound’, just be sure you do - it’s as stylish a dance record as you’re likely to hear all year, embracing everything from electro-pop tinged with Motown soul to ambient noodlings and Latin rhythms. It might sound a bit messy, but in fact these ingredients all gel beautifully into a record that’s rich in original ideas and proves once and for all that chillout music can be anything but boring. A bit like Moby, Greglab has a knack of twisting diverse influences into new and fascinating shapes - and his own whispered lyrics about Cuban politics gives his music an intriguing character all of its own. A class act.