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Jordy Birch and Mark Roland Henning first toured together when Mark was the last keyboardist in Jordy’s first band, After All. A few years later they founded the alternative rock band Pure and made two albums together before parting ways. (Pure continued until disbanding in 2000). In 2008 they rejoined their talents and became Vancouver’s Guilty About Girls.

In shades of New Order and The Cure, Guilty About Girls communes with The Velvet Underground to reshape a vision of pop. A blending of modern electronics and traditional rock and roll Guilty About Girls weave the new and old to great effect.

In 2010, Boutique Empire released Guilty About Girls single Candy Candy as part of their Vancouver, Canada artist’s compilation. Candy Candy is now available on Guilty About Girls’ debut “The Very Best Of…” and has successfully climbed the Canadian Modern Rock charts with heavy rotation on Much Music.

Their full length “The Very Best of…” reached #1 on theiTunes electronic charts in Canada. Their single “Candy Candy” charted almost top ten (#11) on Canadian modern rock charts.

The new single, Dancefloor has just been released.

Dancefloor - single (2011 - Boutique Empire)
Riviera - single (2011- Boutique Empire)
The Very Best Of… (2010 - Boutique Empire)
VRGN ANGL MTRL LUV (2009 - Boutique Empire) discontinued
EP1 (2008 - Boutique Empire)