Indios Bravos - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

The story of Indios Bravos probably began when Piotr Banach first met and - most importantly - heard Gutek (Piotr Gutkowski). It was in Katowice’s Spodek, somewhere around 1996 on some music bussiness party. At the time Banach was in Hey and Gutek was vocaly supporting Overmind. But the real beginning was the song “Drogi” which appeared two years later on “Part One”. It was Gutek’s first album and Banach’s tenth but in many ways his first as he recorded it in a way he had never before. In 2002 a decision about making the second record was made. The first meeting after couple of years took place in much nicer surroundings - somewhere half way between Szczecin and Koszalin in the attic of the house, boarding with the forest, first song for the new album - “Mental Revolution” was born. Later “The Sign” and “The Sun” were polished although Banach got the idea for those two while in Greece. It’s a very cosmopolitan record - two Poles under Spanish-sounding name, recording Jamaican music, ideas of which were first born in France, Greece and Japan. Even if we try to place Indios Bravos’ music somewhere in Poland it proofs to be very difficult. Gutek was born, grew-up and lives in Katowice. Banach on the other hand is from Szczecin and lives in Warsaw. Szczecin is also home of the musicians who make Indios Bravos - the live band because from October 2002 Indios Bravos is not just a studio project but a full band set. The first gig was very humble. Gutek and Banach were supported on stage by Pawel Gawronski (keboard and backing vocals) and Krzysztof Sak (guitar). Later the band expanded and was joined by Ryszard Labul (bass), Przemek Filipkowski (keyboard) and Tomek Kubik (drums).