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When you look at the career trajectory of Jake Biz, you can’t help but feel that in 2011 he finds himself in a privileged position.

Biz has been hard at work on the Brisbane underground scene since 1996 and yet is still only 32 years old. He’s grown up with Australian hip hop, watching a fledgling genre turn into a powerhouse of the independent airwaves.

Biz is gearing up to release his debut album, ‘Commercial Hell’. It comes on the back of his well-received ‘Purgatory’ EPs, and with four years since its original inception, there’s the sense around the scene that this could be something special.

‘Commercial Hell’ is produced entirely by a long time collaborator, Overproof Pete.

It’s on the stage where Biz has had the most impact during his 15 years in the game, and he’s looking forward to once again stretching his legs when he supports Bias B on tour with Ken Oath. Bigfoot & Lazy Grey