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Jeff Krantz is a NYC singer-songwriter but was born in Los Angeles. He plays a laid back blend of finger picked folk-rock with a hint of pop melodies. Krantz hit the scene in 2007 and since then has been featured in Billboard Magazine, Newsweek, CNN and interviewed by numerous radio shows, podcasts and blogs from all over the world. With his debut full-length album being released Fall 2008, the question remains: How did this artist build such a buzz in just over 1 year?

After over 200 online performances from his apartment, Krantz has built a dedicated, worldwide following through his online, “sold out performances” (Billboard Magazine Jan. 08) in Second Life. Widely considered to be the first star to rise from the virtual world, his Second Life success has translated into a REAL LIFE following and thriving career.

Krantz’s heartfelt songwriting and singing earned him a nomination for ‘Male Artist of the Year’ by the International Acoustic Music Awards. In addition one of Krantz’s own musical influences Cat Stevens wrote of Jeff “I listened to his music with great interest, his lyrics are meaningful and clear.”

Prior to 2007 Krantz was riding the corporate path for most of his 20’s though he had been writing songs on the guitar since the age of 14. But in January 2007 after a chance performance in the UK (his first in almost 6 years) Krantz decided to quit his well paying job in Real Estate and pursue what mattered most to him. When asked what he did next Krantz says “I was basically clueless! I ended up in a café across the street from me trying to figure out what to do next.” When Krantz tried getting local gigs he discovered just how hard it was so he decided to try something different and he took his music into the virtual world of Second Life, a decision that has taken him down an unchartered road to success!!!

Krantz is releasing his debut album in 2009. He is currently unsigned to label. He is sponsored by Martin Guitars and Apogee Electronics.