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Jonathan Michelsen is a reggae-rock artist and songwriter from Stockton, CA. Pre-2003 he played in various bands with a distinctly southern California style, in various small locations in around the California Central Valley and Santa Cruz.

He became popular for being able to build a good rapport with the audience and often drinking and partying with them after his set. By 2003 he had succumbed to alcoholism and addiction, with the break up of his then-current band he was driven to the edge. One morning waking from a stupor he found himself wandering into a church in a drunken daze and was really effected by the sermon. He began to visit the church regularly and talk at length with various pastors in the area.

After much rehabilitation he began playing for various churches in the area and slowly began to once again work on his own music, this time focusing on love instead of angst and aggression. The new sound still contains some Sublime elements but captures many root reggae ideas and sounds with an occasional hip-hop inspired rap-line. His new album Radical Love is slated for an early January release.