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Since the start of 2007 JuggaNote have been dedicated to developing their own take on alternative hip-hop, combining musical genres such as metal, rap, rock and occasionally reggae, predominantly amalgamating those styles more typically associated and ingrained with angst and attitude.

From their first live shows early on in 2007 the band has been rocking stages around the U.K mainly concentrating on home turf in South Wales, working hard to bring their sound to the masses through any and every medium available.

With 3 CD releases in as many years and featuring slots on several compilation albums worldwide JuggaNote continue to build their underground following with particular recognition in Japan, Germany, Russia and throughout Eastern Europe.

Made up of 4 musician/friends JuggaNote collectively state that they do what they do as much for themselves as for their fans. Choosing to focus on constantly progressing in the local rap/metal scene and the worldwide rapcore movement whilst being entertaining and informative.

The band is currently made up of Barry Town lyricist BeSpoken, guitarist Dan ‘D Man’ Careless, Bass player Martin ‘Marty’ Peareth and Joe Roberts aka the Doc BlackdaWho providing beats and samples using the Akai MPC 500.


Early in 2007 the band recorded their first 3 tracks on a self titled demo. The demo recorded at Nottin Pill Studios, Newport with ex Skindred guitarist Jeff Rose and drummer Martyn “Ginge” Ford.

“JuggaNote” the demo 2007

Track 1 – Give me Strength

Track 2 – A World that don’t Suite me

Track 3 – Enough

“The Hold Up” recorded with Todd Campbell at S.K.W.A.D HQ and was successfully launched at Cardiff’s Barfly in July of 2008.

“The Hold Up” E.P 2008

Track 1 – Intro

Track 2 – Real to Keep

Track 3 – Audio Sports

Track 4 – Reasons For Our Pride Forgot

Track 5 – For My Brothers

Track 6 – 7/7

Track 7 – Burn it Down

Track 8 – Outro

JuggaNote’s 2009 E.P and their third release; “Good Men Stand Together” was recorded at S.K.W.A.D HQ and recorded and mixed by Todd Campbell.

“Good Men Stand Together” E.P 2009

Track 1 - Non-Conformists

Track 2 - Don’t Listen

Track 3 - We Insist

Track 4 - The Kid’s With Us

Track 5 - Obey

Track 6 - No One Man’s Rule

Track 7 - Many Men

Track 8 - (Still) Believe In Change

For a full gig history and up to date info check the band’s official website www.jugganote.com

Mission Statement 2007 – Present day

Jugganote’s aim; Keeping the fun loving old school vibe alive whilst maintaining credibility by addressing current issues on the state of the world today.

Jugganote’s mission; To be as high impact and intense whether you’re listening to a studio recording or witnessing the music being created live on stage. To continually grow and progress as musicians, a band and a collective. To instigate, inspire and encourage change.