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After a reign of terror that seemed to last for a millennia and the total destruction of every enemy that came within our path, we had a good stent of R’n’R. We met back up on a path to yet another conquest; we talked and bragged of our singular exploits. The Bald Eagle came with stories of his sexual exploits; one in particular was with a high priestess of voodoo. There was an ominous presence of this story, no one said anything and we continued on our way. As we top the next mountain, we noticed a horde of undead led by Abaddon. It looked like they were going to win, this gruesome battle until their commander who was thought dead rose up by the Bald Eagle and struck him in the face with a war hammer, as our faithful comrade lay, he said “You must leave now!” and we did not believe him as his breath begins to fail his stomach began to expand and there was that ominous feeling again. We all looked at each other knowing it was already too late for us, so we just sit and had one last laugh over the path of destruction we had left behind us. As the pressure grew in our dead allies’ stomach and all at once he exploded spewing forth a foul black spore-like substance before our very eyes. It didn’t take very long before we all started falling over, dead like our puny enemies that surrounded us. Finally, from miles around you could hear our exploding corpses releasing a foul pestilence upon the land which was our last attempt at destroying all life.