Kompanjoner - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Kompanjoner was a swedish rap/rock band formed in Trelleborg, Sweden in 2000 as The Pen Devils. The original lineup consisted of guitar players Johan Gyllin and Fabian Wickman, singer Christoffer Grönberg, bass player Kristian Holm and drummer Einar Valgeirsson. They were heavily influenced by the likes of Rage Against the Machine and LOK. Actually they started out as a RATM cover band but they soon started to perform their own material in swedish.

When rapper Jon Henriksson joined the group in 2001 their music changed direction into becoming more of hard hitting hiphop influenced by Busta Rhymes. This caused bass player Kristian Holm to leave the group. He was replaced by Ola Andersson.

“Herr General EP” came to be their one and only release and by 2003 they disbanded.

The members of Kompanjoner has been involved in many different constellations. For an example, Henriksson is now active with his hiphop project DMF & Mr. T-Pot.