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Since the beginning of 1998, Komprex aka Fabio Di Benedetto has been present in the extreme music scene as a producer. Based in La Spezia, a small city on the Italian west coast, he started to listen to electronic hard music when he was just a child: in 1993 he bought his first cd “Techno Shock” and start to become a distorted sound addicted boy. But being just a listener just wasn’t good enough. Therefore he tried to produce something during the years with his old Amiga and then in 1998 with his first PC and a basic program, Modplug Tracker. His favourite style was high bpm speedcore and after few months he became member of a lot of worldwide “trackergroups”. His style improved track after track and a lot of people liked it. Since 2001 he played in a lot of parties across Europe to spread the Italian Speedcore message. His principal label is the Italian Cerebral Destruction, but he released also two autoproduced CD then on USN, Underground For Ever, Special Forces and Speedcore Records. Today Komprex is one of the most appreciated speedcore artist. Aphex Twin has played his track Worldwide Shit in several 30000people parties since 2003. In a period when the speedcore scene is composed by too many low quality productions, the Italian way makes the difference. In 2004 he left Modplug and joined the well know pro tracker Renoise and his sound became better & better. If you need hard sound, now you know where you can find it. website: www.komprex.it