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Chris Morris, better known by the stage name Lance Fortune (b. 1940, Birkenhead) was an English pop singer.

Morris was classically trained on piano. He formed a rock and roll group called The Firecrests while a student at Birkenhead School, and served as lead vocalist; they recorded the songs “That’ll Be the Day”, “I Knew From the Start”, and “Party”, but were strictly a local attraction. He signed to Pye Records as a solo artist under the name Lance Fortune, and released four singles, two of which became hits in the UK Singles Chart in 1960. While signed to Pye, he was managed by Larry Parnes, who had come up with the name Lance Fortune. In April 1960, Fortune and Jerry Keller replaced the late Eddie Cochran on Gene Vincent’s then current UK tour.

After Fortune’s fame dried up, Parnes re-used the name Lance Fortune for Clive Powell, who later saw success under the name Georgie Fame. Later in the 1960s, Fortune joined a group called The Staggerlees.