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Les enfant bastard is an experimental punk, electronic group from Edinburgh, Scotland.

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“lo-fi genius” The Skinny

Enfant Bastard is Cameron Watt. The authentic enfant terrible of the edinburgh music scene for the past three years. Alternately noisemonger, slacker-folk maverick, and more recently 8-bit circuit bending wizard, Enfant Bastard is a strange, many-headed beast. Cameron Watt’s irrepressible creativity to date has resulted in numerous cdr albums and mini-albums, each hand designed and manufactured in his one-man studio, Pigsty Tapes, most often to be discovered posted through letterboxes in the dead of night or thrown into the crowd after shows.

“Cameron Watt should be designated a national treasure. Even in a country so ludicrously teaming with musical talent, Watt’s single-minded devotion to the DIY lo-fi aesthetic should earn him a knighthood.” The Skinny

A 21st century renaissance man and home recordist extraordinaire, Enfant Bastard’s output is prolific, spanning genres from wonky indie-folk through DIY electronica and 8-bit chip music. Likewise his live appearances are notoriously unpredictable, he is as likely to be wielding acoustic guitar or gameboy and sampler alongside any number of his armoury of home-modified machines and synthesisers and his sets are often confounding and exhilarating in equal measure.

“snobby art school jazz pish” NME

“ultimate stream of consciousness music” Songbytoad.com

Over the past few years, Enfant Bastard has been delighted to feature on bills alongside international recording artists such as Dufus (USA), Darren Hanlon (Aus), Jeff Lewis (USA) and Lach (USA) and he has performed in London and Sweden. Cameron’s visual art has graced recent releases by Wet Paint (Bloc Party remix) and Meursault and he continues to make art and music to his own rules, cutting an inspirational maverick figure within the Edinburgh-based Bear Scotland collective and the music community at large.

“tape crackle hisses away in the background, instruments slop about all over the place, and everyone sounds wasted - like they just rolled in from the pub and decided to write and record an entire album in five minutes, resulting in the odd flaring-up of relation-ship killing drunken honesty. making things seem effortless is a skill in itself, sounding this exquisitely rough is enthralling.”The Skinny”