Lords Of Morphine - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

“Lords of Morphine”,conceived in the spring of 2003,consists of some of the most professional and seasoned players consolidated from the previous top hard rock bands in the South Florida market. Using a straight up,non political approach,this band is ready to set Rock/Hard Rock radio on fire! As LOM continues to record its debut full length CD in Ft.Lauderdale with well respected,award winning producer Mark Loren,the band has chosen to pre-release 3 songs in late 2004.The first release “Pride”,with its radio friendly hooks and catchy chorus,is undoubtedly ready to snowball into mainstream rock radio.Showcasing staple,powerful LOM sound,”Beg to Differ” brings power rock in your face guaranteed to invoke emotion and satisfy the “Metallica like”fans of modern metal.Bridging modern metal styles,”No Remorse”showcases a more traditional groove and huge bridge showing the diversity that guarantees that LOM is on their way to being one of the powerhouse hard rock bands of the year.These are three catchy songs driven by a powerful rhythm section and heavy guitars pre-released to showcase the style of the new LOM release designed to cross over multiple demographics aiming to please.LOM brings their extremely powerful sound,energetic,loud and in your face approach to the stage in their live perfomances which is something that can not go un noticed or to be denied.Look for more releases from LOM in the near future and keep up to date with LOM news by visiting www.lordsofmorphine.com