Marcela Ortiz Aznar - Poètica Saudade Fado Belèm - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Marcela was borne in La Jolla, California USA, she made her studies in México City.

She begans to sing fado , traditional portuguese music in the 90…s with other rythms like jazz, blues and alternative music.

Marcela (MARS PRODUCTIONS) creates “Poética Saudade Fado Belém” her fado group in 2003. She begans formal presentations in 2005, being the first group in our country in making & singing traditional fado.

She always felt a passion for Portugal.

And is when she has a first encounter with the music of Madredeus and of Amália Rodrigues that she began to research more about Portugal and its different music.

She then listens to various artists including: Mísia (one of her great favourites) , Cristina Branco, Kátia Guerreiro, Teresa Salgueiro, Filipa Pais, Mariza, A Naifa, Clã , Sergio Godinho, María Teresa , Né Ladeiras, Mafalda Arnauth, Ana Moura … and others.

Her first contact with portuguese tongue was the MPB (Brazilian popular music) like: Astrud Gilberto, Chico Buarque, Elba Ramalho, Margareth Menezes, Marisa Monte, Adriana Calcanhotto, Daniela Mercury, Paula Toller , and others.

So all this music inspired her to begin this proyect.

She chooses FADO for a simple reason: she loves it!

Travelling to Portugal has been a great teaching for her, also because she believes in learning by knowing the place , the people, the costumes… the dialy life of a country in orther to get to know their feelings and their music.

She has sang at: ” Taverna D’ El Rey ” , “Clube de Fado”, “Cafe Luso” , “Tasca do Chico” , “Bacalhau de Molho” , “Mesa de Frades”, “Guitarras de Lisboa” and at private events in Lisbon. She always remembers with happines the warm welcome that she has received at these places (Casas de Fado) by allowing her to sing.

She also creates in 2007 “Fado by Foreigners” a group of foreigner fadistas that are in tour. In 2008 she produces concert-festival “Amália X anos por fadistas estrangeiras”

PSFB counts with guitarrist, & arranger Javier Noyola Zarazúa who has being playing progressive rock , bossanova at many venues in Mexico.

Fado being played in Mexico is not that easy… unfortunately there are not big opportunities to play this music.

In 2006 PSFB participated at ARTES POR TODAS PARTES. They won this contest by playing Fado. She created the term / name / concept that is the IMAGE of PSFB: “Fado por manos mexicanas” - “Fado by mexican hands”. And in 2007 , they participated and won again at: RESCATARTE, held by the Cultural Ministery. This time the concept Marcela offered was : “Portugal con Alma de Barro” - “Portugal with clay soul”

PSFB has three records: The first one released in 2006 including well known fados.

The second album(2007) where they also include traditional fados , poems written by: Sérgio Freitas (Porto,PT) and Robertson Frizero Barros (Porto Alegre,BR) those which Marcela musicalized.

They included also Camané’s well known fado

“María II” as a TRIBUTE for him. This Cd is called “Stravaganza” by MARS PRODUCTIONS.

” Nosso Fado … ” is the name of PSFB third album (2009) that includes traditional fados with lyrics written by Marcela, R. Frizero Barros & Nuno Miguel Guedes. Also fados “Amalianos” and others.

At her concerts, Marcela uses to sing a fado by Camanè, Mìsia, Kátia Guerreiro artists that she admires.

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