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Mariangela, stage name of Mariangela Argentino, (Piacenza, December 4th, 1984) is an italian singer.

“Mariangela” released in 1975, forms part of the series of mid-seventies albums that Vangelis contributed to in some form or other (as producer, arranger and sometimes writing a few songs). For this first album for Mariangela who was in her very early teens, Vangelis is fully credited as arranging and producing its music and can clearly be heard playing keyboards as well.

Mariangela Celeste Papaconstantinu (or Mariangela Celeste as she refers to herself nowadays) with a Greek father and an Italian mother is born in Milan, Italy. At the age of 6 she moves to Germany, and several years after she moves again, this time to Greece. There she soon is considered a child prodigy after appearing on TV performing her own compositions and playing the guitar. Not long after she is offered a record contract with Polygram Greece. With the song “You were right” she is chosen to represent Greece at the World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo (Japan) in 1973. The song appears on a single the next year, backed with “Sinefia”. The B-side she also performs on the Greek song festival of Salonica, with plenty of good reviews.

After hearing some of her songs, Vangelis in cooperation with Polygram Greece picks Mariangela to record another single with. The results sound so good that they decide to record more songs for an album, which takes six weeks of recording and mixing to finish. Vangelis’ favourite songs turn out to be Mariangela’s compositions “Memories of friends” and “Alone with the day”.

Unfortunately the album is hardly promoted and doesn’t sell well. Soon after Polygram looses interest to release more of Mariangela’s songs. In 1976 again she performs her own song “Think I’m losing my men” in Tokyo at the World Popular Song Festival, alas it is never released.

Today Mariangela lives in Greece with her family, where she has released other albums such as “Zahari” (Lyra 4690) on LP in 1993, and “I shall return” (private issue) on CD in 2006. She continues to work as a singer and composer while occasionally also appearing live in Greece and abroad.