Michael Logozar - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

“It’s hard to say where the heart ends and the instrument begins” - broadjam.com

“quiet piano at it’s best!” … Kathy Parsons (mainlypiano.com)

Michael Logozar takes contemporary instrumental piano music to a new level of heart-tugging melodies and rich improvisations. While Logozar has been involved in the music scene for many years, Coming Into View is his first album release.

Michael was born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada in 1975. At age four he started playing familiar songs on the piano by ear, and he was quickly enrolled in lessons to further his natural ability. While he spent much of his childhood performing Beethoven and Bach at regional festivals, his attention quickly turned to the music of emerging artists such as David Lanz and Michael Jones, artists who expressed a clarity of melodic beauty and simplicity. After a move to Calgary, he formed a recording studio and production company to assist the growth of other artists. He wrote and produced for a number of artists in many styles of music, but underneath all the production, a core style of music remained untapped. After many years of fostering the talents of others he decided to return to his roots with the piano, doing what comes the most naturally.

Michael’s debut contemporary instrumental piano CD, “Coming Into View,” was released November 1, 2008. Nearly 20 years after his ears first caught the notes of the emerging contemporary instrumental piano scene, Michael is arriving with his own brand of improvisational, deeply melodic music.

His pre-released music can already be heard underscoring a number of films and television shows, and it has garnered him nominations at the Los Angeles Music Awards and Unisong International Songwriting contests. In the words of the Unisong team, “We would not be surprised to hear of Michael in some major capacity in the near future.”

Just a couple short months after it’s release, Coming Into View has been charting in the top 10 at NewAgeReporter.com and has been receiving regular airplay on over 50 international radio stations.