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MooT BooXLe is the working moniker of musician/songwriter/producer/engineer Matt Baxley. He has been a devotee to vintage (or at least analogue) musical gear since he was very young. Born in 1983, at the dawn of the digital age, some have called MooT BooXLe a throwback, a reminder of a time before his own. MooT BooXLe doesn’t strive to recall a time gone by, however. The music that he creates is new, modern, with a keen eye set on what creates a timeless quality.

A modular system from, therefore, is the perfect instrument for such a music. Vintage Moog-like sound and feel, with modern build quality and construction. MB currently employs a 22-space studio system in his music.

MB’s fourth self-released album, Pandemic, features the system extensively. The first of these albums, entitled In The Present Tense, is currently awaiting expanding, re-recording, and remastering. Upon re-release, it will feature the system as well, replacing the software synthesizers which currently occupy the material, masquerading as Moogs and ARPs.

MooT BooXLe has a host of vintage gear, about which there is information on his website. Enjoy the music.