Motormorfoses - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

The brasilian Ewerton Dias, born in 1980 at Sao Paulo city, and Gabriela Mariano, born in 1982 at Campinas city, started together in 2000 year their trajectory of love and dedication to the “Techno” and specially the “Hard Techno” music, becoming known like djs “Eto & Gab” in performances with four decks, and most recently in 2006 year with the “Motormorfoses” live project. Two diferent works that had taken them from residents of some of the most important clubs and parties in Sao Paulo city, to their first and successful europena tour in 2007 year.

The great repercussion in Europe, and specially in Spain, bring the couple to live in Barcelona city.

With this new live project, the Velotrois, Eto & Gab show their roots in Techno music, bringing back the most classic and pure techno style that they produced in 2006 year, but keeping their principal characteristc of innovating and diferent tracks, like they do also in their “Motormorfoses” project.