My Elysian - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Started by Alexxx and Alison in early 2007, the two women first took the stage as an acoustic project. Their first show was a Memorial Benefit show for Flight 93. After playing a few acoustic covers and the first version of “Never Forgotten,” they received a lot of positive feedback and decided to continue on with the project. After writing enough songs to record a demo, Alison and Alexxx teamed up with producer Logan Mader. Logan has produced bands such as 5 Finger Death Punch, Dommin, Divine Heresy, and Media Lab. Alexxx, who has worked with Logan Mader in her previous band “Media Lab” (Bleeding Memory), decided to take on a heavier direction with My Elysian: Writing, arranging, and recording all instruments for songs such as “Face Yourself” and “Demise”. After recording 2 songs with Logan, that’s when the decision by Alison and Alexxx was made to form a crushing heavy rock band while continuing to keep the beautiful singing melodies that define My Elysian.

The ladies’ first choice to take the reigns of bassist was Rice. Rice agreed to jam, and eventually became a vital member of My Elysian. Rice has played in the Reggae/ Metal/ Thrash band “Ghoulspoon” and the Alternative/ Reggae/ Metal band “Divided By Zero,” (The Black Sea). Rice’s high energy, stage presence, and unprecidented talent was the perfect addition to My Elysian.

Shortly thereafter, Mario G. joined forces with My Elysian. Mario has played drums in San Diego based bands such as Drevin, 3 Man Assault, and The Big Provider. Mario’s raw talent, passion, and stage presence was what completed My Elysian.

Together, My Elysian has a force, energy, and raw seasoned talent that is undeniable.

In early 2009, My Elysian teamed up with producer & guitarist Marcos Curiel (of P.O.D). My Elysian just finished their very first EP and is having a CD Release Party & show at Brick By Brick in San Diego, CA on October 23rd, 2009! Don’t miss