Nelson Bryan - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

His parents being musicians, Bryan was bound to link his life with music from the very beginning. Though he started to study classic piano with his parents, he rapidly decided to try his own way, apprehending music like a self-taught artist, specially with the guitar. But soon the 7 octaves keyboard connected to his computer turned to be his most important instrument.

Little by little he had created his own “Home Studio” and developed his personal musical identity: an original world made of strong visual instrumental compositions through which the listener can easily imagine a scenery, a place, a situation: in other words, everything that defines a movie scene or a mere life event.

That is the reason why for several years Bryan has been devoting his full time to the musical creation connected to the image while trying to keep the originality of his evocative musical compositions. To tell the things shortly, he is keen on keeping his passion for music untouchable