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While they clearly wear their influences on their sleeve, invoking the classic retro power pop that first inspired them to pick up instruments, Nine Times Blue has a commercial, radio friendly, modern sound that is all their own, infused with Americana influences, such as Wilco, Ryan Adams, and Band of Horses. Comprised of Kirk Waldrop (vox/guitar), Greg King (guitar/vox), Jeff Nelson (bass/vox) and Jason Brewer (drums/percussion), Nine Times Blue’s new album – Falling Slowly – will be released on 11/20/2012 on Renedage Recordings and City Hall Records.

Full of songs about love, heartache, loss and hope…Nine Times Blue continues the tradition forged by their influences by blending infectious hooks, layered harmonies, melodic guitars, McCartney-esque bass lines and a driving backbeat to make you tap your foot and sing along, whether it’s a song about new found love or a devastating break-up. “Falling Slowly” brings to mind the catchiest of Gin Blossoms songs interlaced with Coldplay and Snow Patrol’s lush guitars, and the lush background vocals on “Serena” remind one of the Beach Boys and Jellyfish. “Crazy To Think” is the best song that Nick Lowe never wrote. “Fun and Games” highlights the influence today’s Americana artists have had on Nine Times Blue’s primary songwriter – Kirk Waldrop.

Co-produced by Bryan Holmes from the legendary Power Pop band The Producers and mixed/mastered by Grammy-winning Producer Don McCollister (Sister Hazel, IKE, Shawn Mullins, Indigo Girls, Umajets, Third Day, Michele Malone, etc.), Falling Slowly features a who’s who of today’s national and international power pop scene with guest appearances from John Faye (IKE, The Caulfields, John Faye Power Trip), Brett Talley (IKE, Brett Talley Band), David Myhr (The Merrymakers), Joe Giddings (JTG Implosion, Star Collector), as well as contributions from Bryan Holmes (The Producers).