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Radio Ska (Brazil)

An eight piece 2-Tone Ska band with two years on the road, loads of great music, Radio Ska has been performing live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, taking high energy dance music to Brazilian fans and a whole load v groove. With lyrics in English and Portuguese, a mixture of 2-Tone Ska, Punk, Jazz, Reggae and Rocksteady, the band has released its first EP (Radiola Records) in January 2008. The EP was recorded and produced by Victor Rice (The Slackers, The Toasters, New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, Dub Side of The Moon) at El Rocha studios in Sao Paulo, and features special guests such as Steve Jackson (The Pietasters) among other well-known Brazilian musicians such as Phil (Dead Fish), Badauí (CPM 22) and Machado (Firebug).