Rita Braga - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

“All way from Lisbon, Portugal comes Rita Braga. This charming and beautiful Ukulele queen with a voice of velvet plays a brilliant mishmash of sound. Combining Julee Cruise esque Lounge with a strange mix of folk ranging from Serbian, Hawaiian, and Appalachian Mountain music, Rita Braga’s sound is truly unique and refreshing.” (Chris Carlone)

Rita Braga is a singer, songwriter and performer with an eccletic repertoir of songs, with covers ranging from Mozart on the ukulele to Serbian, Swedish or Portuguese folk, cowboy songs, 1920’s jazz and samba to Bollywood. She has also written and recorded music for film and animation, done voice acting for animation, commissioned music for commercials and she produces and hosts cabarets and other unpredictable events in Porto, where she currently resides.

A background in the visual arts has merged with her musical style and live performances. She has attended courses and worked for a while in illustration, comics and animation. She graduated in Music Sciences at the New University of Lisbon.

Since 2004 she has performed in Portugal, Poland, Serbia, Spain, the US, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Lebanon and Czech Republic, in a variety of contexts going from underground clubs to theaters, comics festivals, burlesque, or shows for children audiences. Most frequently performing solo on vocals and ukulele, she might add piano, synths, guitar or pre-recorded tracks to her live set, and sometimes she invites local musicians on stage. Since 2008 she keeps a long distance collaboration running with Chris Carlone from NYC as “Chips and Salsa”, who meet around once a year to perform together.

2011 saw the release of her debut studio album “Cherries That Went To The Police”, produced by Bernardo Devlin. “Cherries…” consists of new renditions of old songs (including folk songs and soundtracks) from different countries (sung in Portuguese, English, Russian, Serbian and Greek) and features guest musicians from Portugal (Bernardo Devlin, Hernani Faustino, Rui Dâmaso), the US (Chris Carlone, Nik Phelps, Yvette Dudoit, Jef Hogan) and Argentina (Ignatz B). These long distance collaborators sent their recorded instruments from Gent, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires to Lisbon, where the album was edited and mixed by Bernardo Devlin.

Other live collaborations include international artists as different and unique in styles such as Borts Minorts, Bernardo Devlin, Nik Phelps, Dorit Chrysler, Felix Kubin, Paulo Beto, Vítor Rua, Presidente Drógado, Norberto Lobo, Nick Castro, Fort King, Uni and Her Ukelele or Fou Fou Ha.

In 2012, during her first Brazilian tour, Rita started her first rock n roll band (long forgotten teenage dream) in São Paulo, Indiozinhos Psicodelicos. The original members were Mancha Leonel on drums, Diogo Valentino (Supercordas) on the bass guitar, Bernardo Simon on the electric guitar and Gustavo Cabelo (Trupe Chá de Boldo) on cavaquinho and second guitar. On the 2nd line up in 2013, Gustavo Cabelo became the new bass player and the little indians became a band of four people.

The second studio album has been recorded in São Paulo with the new band at Casa do Mancha, produced by Mancha Leonel, Bernard Simon and Rita Braga. All songs were written by Rita Braga during her stay in Brazil, with other guest collaborations from São Paulo (Peri Pane on the cello, José Vieira on piano, José Falcão on cuíca). To be released in 2014.