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Slobberbone is an American alt-country band from Denton, Texas that formed in 1994. Slobberbone toured across the United States many times. The best-known line-up consisted of Brent Best (guitar, vocals), Jess Barr (lead guitar), Brian Lane (bassist), and drummer Tony Harper, although their lineup changed over the years. In early 2005 the band called it quits and played a series of shows for their final farewell tour. In 2009, the band (with the 2005 lineup) reunited for a series of shows. At the end of 2009, the reformed band announced that they plan on recording a new album in 2010 before going out on another tour. In May 2011, the band's drummer posted a blog entry stating that the planned mini-tour and merchandise sales would help provide the necessary funding for the band's long-anticipated album.

Outside of the United States, the band is in particular popular in The Netherlands where Slobberbone has toured intensively in the main clubs and on festivals.

The Drams are the new band of Slobberbone musicians Brent Best, Jess Barr, and Tony Harper. New to the line-up are Keith Killoren and Chad Stockslager, formerly of Budapest One. They first performed live in the spring of 2005 and have since played a handful of gigs throughout Texas as well as a small tour across the country with Glossary. Their first studio album, Jubilee Dive, was released through New West Records on July 25, 2006. Despite having much the same lineup as Slobberbone, The Drams have attempted to maintain their distance from their Slobberbone roots, and Slobberbone bassist Brian Lane has referred to The Drams as Brent Best's Big Star.


Stephen King mentioned the band's song "Gimme Back My Dog" in his novel Black House. He also listed the song as one of the top three greatest rock and roll songs ever in his column in Entertainment Weekly. Although never publicly confirmed, the album 'Slippage' could very well be Slobberbone's nod to King. The word 'Slippage' is an important term in "Black House.'



  • 1994 Crow Pot Pie (self-released) this contains different songs than the Doolittle release
    re-released in 1996 (Doolittle)
  • 1997 Limited Edition EP (Doolittle)
  • 1997 Barrel Chested (Doolittle)
  • 1998 Your Excuse (Doolittle)
  • 2000 Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today (New West)
  • 2002 Slippage (New West)

The Drams

  • 2006 Jubilee Dive (New West)


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