Solar Scream - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

The story of Solar Scream started in late 2000, in Hungary when - after some early attempts of playing together - Gabor Harich (guitars, later on lead vocals too), Gabor Muller (drums), Csaba Volgyesi (bass) and Tamas Kantor (guitars) decided to team up and form a band.

After some shorter hiatuses we started writing our own material by adding up our wide range of influences and trying to find our own direction. Our taste in music has been formed by countless acts of the rock/metal genre since the early 90s. The style of Solar Scream incorporates many modern riff- and emotion-centered elements, striving for a unique atmosphere and an individual voice.

In 2004 we released five of our songs and a cover of a Depeche Mode tune on our first EP, Ground Level. It received quite positive press reviews and audience reactions. Several gigs followed with underground bands of similar vision and many long-lasting friendships were made.

In the beginning of 2006 Csaba was replaced by bass player David Antal (Nervous Playground, NoiseField, Annie Hall, R-Clone). Our first full-length album was already recorded with his assistance. The CD is entitled Divider, it contains 11 new songs and was released by Edge Records in November 2007.